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1. Online Offer Contents

Under no circumstances, Schandl shall not take over the warranty for the updated state, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. Any and all claims of the warranty towards Schandl, which relate to the damages of the material or moral nature and which were caused by utilization or by a failure to utilize the offered information, or by utilization of the erroneous or incomplete information, are principally excluded, insofar as Schandl does not cause the damage intentionally or via an act of serious negligence.

All online offers are non-obligatory. Schandl exclusively reserves the right to change, append or delete the entire online offer or its part without prior notification or to cancel temporarily or permanently the entire material published.

2. Hyperlinks

In the case of direct or indirect hyperlinks to the foreign web sites (hyperlinks, which are located outside of the Schandl zone of liability), the liability of warranty could enter into effect, including the case, when Schandl had a knowledge of the contents and had a technical opportunity and competency to prevent the usage of the illegal content.

Schandl hereby exclusively states that, at the time of inserting the hyperlink, it had no opportunity to recognize the illegal contents of the web site being referred to. Under no circumstances, Schandl shall have no effect on the current and future appearance, contents and copyrights of the related/referred web site. Therefore, Schandl hereby exclusively disavows all contents of the referred/related web site, which was changed after the hyperlink had been inserted.

The statement hereof applies to all hyperlinks inserted within the own online offer and to all foreign records in the guest books, discussion forums, hyperlink directories, e-mail directories and all other database formats, which Schandl created and which are accessible for recording from the outside. Only the provider of the referred web site is liable for the illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents, in particular for the damages caused by utilization or by a failure to utilize the information offered. The provider solely referring to such web site via hyperlink shall have no liability.

3. Copyrights and Trademarks

In all its publications, Schandl employs all its efforts to obey the copyrights of the used graphics and texts, to utilize its own graphics and texts, or to use the licensed graphics and texts.

All trademarks and product brands in the Internet offer, or the trademarks and product brands protected by the third parties, are subject to the unlimited governance of the current trademark law and the proprietary rights of the applicable registered owner. The sole presentation of the trademark does not mean that such trademark might not protected by the rights of the third parties!

The copyrights to the published objects created by Schandl do remain in the sole ownership of Schandl. Copying or usage of such graphics and texts in other electronic or printed publications without the prior exclusive consent of Schandl is prohibited.

4. Data Protection

Insofar as there is an option to state the personal and business data within the online offer (e-mail address, name, mailing address), the statement of such data on behalf of the user shall be exclusively voluntary. Insofar as technically feasible and acceptable, the usage of all services offered is permitted without the statement of such data, or with the statement of the anonymous data or pseudonym. It is prohibited to use the contact data within the imprint like the mailing addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses, or the comparable data, by the third parties for the purposes of forwarding the information, which was not requested exclusively. In the case of breaching this prohibition, the senders of the so-called spam shall be liable according to the applicable law.

4.1 Cookies

If you visit our web site, it is possible that our system will save the temporary data into your computer or server in a form of the "cookies". The cookies will detect the "first-level domain name" (if your e-mail address is for example " peter@xyz.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it " and if such e-mail address is protected against spam, you will have to activate JavaScript in order to see it – the cookie will detect the "" part from your e-mail address), date and time of your access to the web site, as well as the data, which you requested using your home web browser. The actual cookies cannot identify the user. The cookie is a small information file, which is sent to your computer web browser and saved onto your computer hard disk. The cookies are harmless to your computer. You can configure your web browser to inform you about the received cookies at any time. This will enable your computer either to block the cookies or to inform you about the cookies being used.

5. Legal Effect of this Exclusion of Warranty

This exclusion of warranty must be considered as part of the online offer, through which you were referred to this web site. Insofar as the parts or individual formulations of this text do not correspond in part or full to the current law, the contents or effect of the other parts of this document shall not be affected.