About the company

A professional in the bus business for over 50 years


> 50-year tradition


> 5000 buses sold


Operation in over 60 countries

Our services

  • Purchase:
    fair, uncomplicated, safe and fast.
  • Sale:
    The best possible quality of used cars through our own master workshop for reasonable prices, like rural and unbranded cars.
  • Commission sales of used cars:
    The best possible price for your vehicle through our contacts in over 60 different countries around the world.
  • Repairs/renovation:
    Our trained professionals, who are constantly educating themselves, will perform the repairs on your bus.
  • Special structures:
    We can fulfil your requests for special equipment or special vehicles, from a vaccination and presentation bus to a motorhome.
  • Import, export all over the world
  • Export and customs documents; export and customs number plates
  • Air conditioning service
  • Painting and protection film
  • New TÜV and tachometer inspection

Josef Schandl bus trade

Our company has over 50 years of experience; it has been in the bus trade for two generations, and it has regular customers all over the world.

Our family business is based on the principle of Bavarian care; it is in a central location between Munich and Passau and between Landshut and Rosenheim.

Landshuter Straße 27 – 84149 Velden/Vils

used parts

We have a wide selection of used parts in stock. For more information, visit the following categories:

We`re here for you

Avoid risks such as...

VAT loss on international sales due to incomplete documents, VAT fraudsters, etc.

Loss of the entire purchase price due to unconscious assisting in money laundering, trading with radical groups, etc.

suspicion of intentionally hidden defects

any kind of threats by questionable clients

Current vehicles

Mercedes Benz

Tourismo RHD

Lift / Wechsel-WC / max. 51+2+1 Sitze

Initial registration 6.2017

Mileage ca. 295.000

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Mercedes Benz

Sprinter 906 KA 35

Gurte an allen Sitzen / Radio

Initial registration 04.2010

Mileage 402.124 km

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S 317 UL

Klimaanlage / Doppeltüre hinten

Initial registration 03.2004

Mileage 861.024 km

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Mercedes Benz

Citaro O 530

Klima / 48 Sitze / 13m

Initial registration 01.2007

Mileage 646.866 km

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Mercedes Benz

Citaro O 530

Klima / 39 Sitze / Doppelglas / Rollstuhlrampe /

Initial registration 11.2012

Mileage 727.279 km

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Mercedes Benz

Citaro K

Euro 6 / Klimaanlage

Initial registration 02.2017

Mileage 514.123 km

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Mercedes Benz


358tkm / Klimaanlage / 354 PS

Initial registration 05.2016

Mileage 358.078 km

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R07 Lion's Coach

360 tkm / 441 PS

Initial registration 06.2014

Mileage 361.533 km

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Urbino 10


Initial registration 12.2013

Mileage 640.170 km

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Mercedes Benz

Citaro LE

Euro 6 / Klima / Rollstuhlrampe

Initial registration 04.2015

Mileage 556.715 km

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Josef Schandl Omnibusse

Landshuter Straße 27
84149 Velden/Vils

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Landshuter Straße 27

84149 Velden/Vils


+49 (0)8742 / 1405